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Successfull business bevelopment

At trifermedCBDO we have the ability to manage business development successfully and efficiently based on:

Validated and structured methodology developed over 15-year experience.

  • trifermedCBDO was founded in 2002 with the aim to develop process and methodology over a non-structured discipline called “business development”. 10 years in “learning mode”, gaining experience and validating processes using real cases, has enabled the trifermedCBDO team to launch, in January 2014, the first Contract Business Development Organisation in the world, based on standardised operating procedures applicable to business development.
  • Back in 2010, a team of visionaries led by Alexander Osterwalder wrote the “Business Model Generation” book that changed the way Business Schools were teaching business modelling and business plans. The trifermedCBDO team decided to incorporate the new methodology into the trifermedCBDO standard operating procedures, under development at that time, improving the existing processes up to an unexpected level of efficiency.
  • Based on the business model design and validation market, any company will be in the best position to decide how to continue developing business towards the defined goals or pivoting to adapt themselves to the market reality and move to a more profitable business approach. Today, we can comfortably say that in the XXI century, “business development” can only mean “business model design and validation”. The rest is all about being consistent with the validation process and “pivoting” towards a new business model or “partnering” with the stakeholders that validate you business model.

Out-collaborative cloud-based project management platform 24/7 access worldwide.

  • trifermedCBDO has implemented proprietary know-how through the latest cloud technology to guarantee proper project management and coordination, thus providing the most effective delivery on project management. This allows full 24/7 access to clients to permit clear understanding, visibility and transparency on all aspects of the project.

Over the last 15 years we have been designing and validating business models for health solutions.

From the positive results, we have developed 130 partnerships.

Today we can confirm that our accumulated knowledge, competence and expertise have become the foundations of our professional credibility to let you trust in us.

Prof. Dr. Sergi Trilla, MBA
CEO and Founder of trifermedCBDO companies

“CBDO” stands for Contract Business Development Organization. The CBDO concept was published for the first time in December 2009 by the Catalan Bioregion (© 2009 Biocat, Fundació Privada BioRegió de Catalunya, Spain, L.D.: B-46857-2009), referring to trifermed.

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Accumulated Knowledge

The trifermedCBDO team has been developing proprietary know-how based on real case experiences over the last 15 years.

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At trifermedCBDO we have the ability (to conduct, or to carry out) business development successfully and efficiently.

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15 years developing business in health science and 130 deals signed guarantees the expected expertise to trust on us.

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