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We all understand that competence means “the ability to do something successfully or efficiently”. We can confirm that at trifermedCBDO, we have the ability to apply trifermedCBDO methodology successfully and efficiently.

This special ability comes from an organization we have been developing over the last 15 years. This is why we can call trifermedCBDO a real organization, properly trained from managing hundreds of business development projects applying trifermedCBDO methodology.


We have the privilege to have an Honorary President, Roy (based in Mexico City), who represents all of our values; honesty, transparency, hard work, commitment, passion, loyalty, and more. Roy, with more than 40 years of experience in the healthcare industry (including Welcome, IMS and Thomson Reuters), joined trifermedCBDO back in 2004 as a Partner and Regional Director for Latin America, supporting all of our business development projects into the region.

trifermedCBDO is today led by a unique multidisciplinary Board of Directors with three completely different and complementary backgrounds, responsibilities and points of view: Sergi, as Founder and CEO, brings more than 25 years of experience in healthcare from hospital practice to business development moving along medical and international marketing positions in big Pharma. Sergi’s passion is knowledge development, leading the present and future strategic company development as well as clients relationships, academy and marketing. Joan, with an engineer background and 20 years on the market, takes care of process implementation from his COO position. Being trifermedCBDO methodology one of our key resources, Joan’s role is key to provide the best services and guarantee company future. Ricardo, our CFO, with 15 years of experience in private banking, takes care of all financial, legal and administrative operations supported by Albert, Alvar, Bea and Carla. His main passion is talent management; we all know that in the knowledge economy, to motivate people through attractive career plans and learning processes becomes elementary to attract and retain the best talent.

Along with all the supportive team, two teams and one department define the entire organisation;

  • The European Team, taking care from Barcelona HQ of all the European clients as well as all the projects leading with European partners, led by Clara (Regional VP, Europe), and supported by Daniel (Executive Director, Europe), Naiara and Laia (BD Managers, Europe) and Alfons (BD trainee).
  • The International Team, taking care of all the clients and projects out-Europe, with a special focus in America. The international team is lead by Sergi, and supported by Roy from Mexico City (Executive Director, Latin America), Neil from Toronto (Trifermed Canada Inc. Managing Director) and Pauline from Barcelona HQ (Executive Director, USA), together with Julia from Boston and Claudia from Barcelona HQ (both BD Manager, International), and Arthur also from Barcelona HQ (BD trainee).
  • The Medical Affairs department: led by Marta (VP Medical Affairs), with 20 years of experience including Family and Community practice and different positions at trifermedCBDO since 2003. Marta’s role is key for all the portfolio development engagements, as her expertise and medical background allows her to provide the best selection of assets according to our clients business model. Arthur is also part of Marta’s team

If you want to know more about our team members, please follow the link to team

Additionally to an organised and trained team, business development requires of a validated methodology and the expertise to execute it properly.

“CBDO” stands for Contract Business Development Organization.

The CBDO concept was published for the first time in December 2009 by the Catalan Bioregion (© 2009 Biocat, Fundació Privada BioRegió de Catalunya, Spain, L.D.: B-46857-2009), referring to trifermed.

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trifermedCBDO methodology combines proprietary know-how together with the latest project management cloud technologies and business modelling trends.

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at trifermedCBDO we have the ability to apply our methodology successfully and efficiently.

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at trifermedCBDO we have gained expertise in business development over the last 15 years.

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