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You are a healthcare investor and you need to identify the best project to allocate your financial resource

  • The trifermedCBDO team can support your decision process before you invest your financial resources.
  • Throughout the design process, the trifermedCBDO team will help you to hypothesise on the main elements of the project, from the value proposition to the customer segmentation, requested channels, revenue models, key activities, resources and partners, together with expected costs.
  • Moving towards the validation process, the trifermedCBDO team will identify key stakeholders that will provide real feedback from the market in order to let you confirm the viability of the proposed business model and consequently your interest to invest in it.
  • All together this will allow you to make smart investments and improve the probability of success.

“In the XXI century,
business development can only mean
business model design and validation.

The rest is all about being consistent”

Prof. Dr. Sergi Trilla, MBA
CEO and Founder of trifermedCBDO companies

Unfortunately, the dream of improving human health is not enough. There are millions of good ideas around the World to improve human & animal health, but only a few will become real health solutions. Only differentiated ideas that solve big needs and include smart business models will turn into useful solutions.

At trifermedCBDO, over the last 15 years, we have been designing and validating business models for health solutions. From the positive results, we have developed 130 partnerships.

How can we
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Accumulated Knowledge

The trifermedCBDO team has been developing proprietary know-how based on real case experiences over the last 15 years.

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At trifermedCBDO we have the ability (to conduct, or to carry out) business development successfully and efficiently.

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15 years developing business in health science and 130 deals signed guarantees the expected expertise to trust on us.

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