A great international team of executives with a passion for innovation management excellence in health

As an organization which provides innovation management services for health solutions, trifermed needs a dedicated organization with members who are deeply rooted in the business of science, medicine, big data, market intelligence, finance, and most importantly, business modelling.

The manner in which the team has repeatedly supported our client’s success throughout our history has been referred to as “Unlocking Value”. As such, we continuously retain and strengthen our partnerships with our clients with new projects to appropriately capitalize upon the dynamic development of organizations and the marketplace.

Our team

Roy Bateman, MBA

Honorary President
Senior Market Leader - LATAM

Prof. Dr. Sergi Trilla, MBA

Founder & President

Dr. Marta Fernández

Co-founder & Vice President

Ricardo Acin


Daniel González, PhD, MBA


Clara Nascimento Silva, PhD

Head, Digitalization & Knowledge

Claudia Gómez

Project Leader
Head, Standard Operating Procedures

Amadeo Tusell, MBA

Senior Leader Medical Technologies

Neil Mellor

Senior Market Leader - Canada

Alvar Bertolin

Senior Leader Legal Affairs

Albert Figueras

Senior Leader Financial Affairs

Maud Lamade

Accounting Manager

Ana Osuna

Project Manager

Paula Nuevo

Project Manager

Nicole Coutinho

Project Manager

Rusi Yang

Market Manager - China

Albert (Tito) Figueras

Finance Manager Trainee

Andrea Maradiaga

Project Manager Trainee

Álvaro Rodríguez

Project Manager Trainee

Blanca Aguila

Project Manager Trainee

Gonzalo Heredia

Project Manager Trainee