innovation management campuses for a better future in health

key concepts and definitions

validøpolis is about innovation management and partnerships in health, is not about buildings and real state business. Real state investors, existing co-working spaces, universities and other forms of collaboration are very welcomed.

validøpolis understands “health” holistically defined as an overall state of wellbeing encompassing mental, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual health, having far more attention to prevention and wellbeing, while sick care is limited to people who have complex conditions.

validøpolis understands “health innovation” as new (incremental or radical) products, services and ways of doing things for prevention and wellbeing, diagnostic and/or treatment, hat impact the society (meaning they reach the market that desires the solution), that are driven by profitable businesses (which is attractive for private investors), and that are affordable for the payers (B to A, B to B, & B to C). Interestingly, three out of those four elements are based on business.

validøpolis is a Trifermed, S.L. registered trademark.

a combination of elements for success

validøpolis will combine the essential elements for boosting and connecting the world’s largest community of health innovators committed to their transformative ideas:

  • Inspiring campuses: based on new or existing places that are much “more” than just buildings, making a genuine difference, and creating an environment where ideas materialise and are validated, including freedom to work in different surroundings, beautiful ambience, and an attractive price.
  • Knowledge sharing culture (including executive education in innovation management, in partnering with top world’s academic institutions and experts): fostering a dynamic culture of knowledge sharing, learning from the passion of others, real experiences, as well as from community leaders, academia, industry and newcomers.
  • Innovation management implementation (based on ISO 56000 Series of International Standards): helping innovators maximise their innovation management activities with guidelines and processes that enable them to get the most out of their innovation projects.

designed to connect the key stakeholders from each community and internationally

  • Health innovators (from entrepreneurs to innovation teams): Worldwide health innovators, actively involved in transforming health by supporting innovation, diving change and promoting entrepreneurship.
  • Health value experts (from investors to executives): any health stakeholder that has accumulated extensive knowledge in value creation, value delivery and value capture for health solutions, helping define the future of health and looking for properly managed innovation.
  • Governments (from cities to regions and countries): for those who want to engineer high-impact growth in their regions, excelling as a growth accelerators, creating sustainable economies, attracting investment, creating jobs and improving health.

an example of a validøpolis campus (proposed model)

The Campus
Land: 12,000 m2
Space: 37,000 m2 + Parking
Community: 3,000 people
Budget: approximately €90M

The West Building
Space: 10,000 m2
Uses: Residential hotel (120), Meeting rooms & corners, Educational Rooms Skyline Restaurant

The Plaza
Space: 7,000 m2
Uses: In-door plaza, Reception, Cafeteria, Auditorium (500), Food court & Gym

The East Building
Space: 20,000 m2
Uses: Co-working space, Dedicated desks, Meeting rooms & corners, Coffee corners, Events terrace

the team

Leading team:
Prof. Dr. Sergi Trilla
Ricardo Acin

Advisory Board:
ir. Jan van der Hoeven
Montserrat Vendrell
Luis Ruis-Ávila
Ulrich Kosciessa
Sanjay Goorachurn
Guy-Jean Savoir

on-going discussions for possible locations (among others) and leading person

Barcelona: led by Montserrat Vendrell
Hamburg: led by Ulrich Kosciessa
Den Bosch: led by Jan van der Hooven
Mexico City: led by Guy Jean Savoir

For more information, please contact:

Prof. Dr. Sergi Trilla, MBA
Prof. Dr. Sergi Trilla, MBA Founder & President